Writing Samples

Here’s a (small) selection of my publications from around the web.

On social issues…

On Eric Garner, Michael Brown, And Having Empathy For Black Experiences
Also published on Thought Catalog
Terror From Within: North Korea’s Atrocious Crimes Against Humanity
Will Banning Ivory Save The Elephants?

On media & art…

Why A Polarized Media Impedes Understanding, Stifles Conversation 
Moonrise Kingdom Isn’t For Everyone 
The Sexual Politics Of Lana Del Ray

On science & tech…

Data Skeptics And The Deep Web: Explorations Of A Data Scientist
Curiousmatic & Medium
Basic Nootropics: A Smart Drug Review
DIY Culture, The Maker Movement, And The Future Of Innovation


Important/Serious Presidential Candidate Takeaways [comedy]
Waiting For Cat Cafes: A Story Of Love, Endurance, And Cat Power
Curiousmatic & Medium
Turn Your Backs To The Water
(Plus 300+ in Author Archives for Curiousmatic.com.)

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