Curiousmatic’s Aha! Selfie Campaign is a startup focused on engineering content that optimizes understanding outcomes for readers in 2 minutes or less. Of respondents to a measurement poll, users estimated an average of 80% more understanding after reading a Curiousmatic article.

Curiousmatic calls this metric 80% more “Aha!” To illustrate what these moments of understanding might look like, Curiousmatic launched a social media campaign that invited user submissions of “Aha!” selfies, the most up-voted of which would win $500 toward their cause of choice.

The campaign, which was carried out from November 26 to December 26, increased Curiousmatic’s Facebook following by roughly 20% and drove neck-in-neck competition that eventually yielded in a tie.

Here are some of the graphics I created (art & copy) for the contest.

For social media promoted posts:




For the Facebook hosted campaign platform:



For the Curiousmatic promotion page:


A screenshot of the live contest:


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