About the Blogger: Jen Markert

Jennifer Markert is a writer who dabbles in multidisciplinary fields of  art-making and word-smithing, including news, culture articles and reviews, poetry and flash fiction, photography and collage-work. Feel free to peruse the many rooms of this virtual space, book a suite, stay a while – just don’t vandalize or steal anything.

Jen is currently a full-time writer and content producer for Curiousmatic.com, a NYC news startup focused on delivering contextual understanding based on interesting news topics. Jen writes about science, future technology, mobile technology, world conflicts, finance, and just about anything else you can think of.

In her spare time, Jen writes About Me pages in the third person, eats string cheese while thinking about the string theory, and constantly reminds her cat Franklin how fluffy he is.

You can find Jen in Brooklyn, New York, but only if you look very, very hard. Email is probably easier. Jen is available for freelance work, collaborative projects, poetry readings and wine-tastings.

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  1. I just wanted to say, hands-down, your introduction post was awesome.

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